Words Create Worlds

Andrea Poppleton

READ : Psalm 33:1-12

By the word of the Lord the heavens were made. (v. 6)

When God set out to create the universe, words were his raw material. “God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light” (Gen. 1:3). God only had to speak, and it was so. God’s words have the ability to create worlds, and since we are created in his image, our words carry a little of that same creative power. We use our words to create hospitality when we say “welcome,” or “come on in.” Our words create reconciliation when we say “I’m sorry,” or “I forgive you.” Our words make a world of difference when we ask “How can I help?” or “Can I give you a hand?”

We can also harness this power of words for personal creative purposes. When we call ourselves “artist” or “writer” or “musician” or “chef,” we create for ourselves an identity to live into. When we name a creative venture, we can speak a new thing into being. When we give voice to a commitment to change a relationship or a bad habit, we begin to lay the groundwork for that change. Our words will not be immediately effective the way God’s words are, but they will begin to shape our world in a new way.

Just as creative tension pulls us forward toward the future we desire, so the words we speak propel us into new worlds of possibility. Name something you need to say out loud to awaken the creative process in your life.


God, give me the courage to speak a new world into being. Amen.