Introducing Joseph

Steve Petroelje

READ : Genesis 30:22-24

She conceived and bore a son. . . . And she called his name Joseph. (vv. 23-24)

“It’s not fair!” we cry, when circumstances occur in life that are contrary to our hopes, dreams, and expectations. The patriarchs and their wives must have cried out the Hebrew equivalent to “It’s not fair!” Sarah was unable to conceive a child, despite the repeated promises God had made, while the Egyptian slave-girl Hagar bore Abraham a son. Rebekah watched as her husband Isaac favored Esau over Jacob. Jacob worked for his father-in-law Laban for seven years in order to receive Rachel as his wife, only to discover after the wedding that Laban had given him Leah instead. Rachel was barren, while Leah conceived children. Finally, God opened Rachel’s womb and she bore a son they named Joseph.

Over the next fourteen days of devotionals, we will look closely at Joseph’s life. Time and again, he experienced setbacks, trials, betrayals, imprisonment, and false accusations. Although many things in his life did not seem fair at the time, Joseph never gave up on God. He remained faithful to the God who was faithful to him. Through the heartaches, God was at work. When things did not make sense to Joseph, God was orchestrating a plan of deliverance and hope.

Perhaps as you look at your life you’ve been thinking—or even saying—“It’s not fair!” Don’t lose hope. Allow the story of Joseph’s life to speak truth and comfort into your own.


Mighty Lord, help us to patiently trust in you. Amen.