Are You Perfect?

David Walls

READ : Philippians 3:12-17

Not that I have already obtained this [the resurrection] or am already perfect. (v. 12)

Paul’s faith journey was a work in progress. He was confident of his final eternal destination with Christ in heaven, but along the way, he was less than perfect. The word “perfect” means “to meet the highest standard” of goodness and virtue. It carries the idea of being fully developed in a moral sense.

It’s difficult to be “on” all the time as a Christian, isn’t it? We get derailed or sidetracked periodically. We stumble, sometimes badly. Paul does not pretend to have arrived spiritually. He acknowledges in this confession that his struggle against sin, fear, doubt, and guilt is not over. There is still plenty of room for growth, maturation, and even mistakes. Some people try to fool themselves and everyone else by thinking they have arrived spiritually. And their spiritual stumbles and fumbles they somehow discount or deny.

Know anybody like that? People like that often demand perfection of others as they pat themselves on the back, despite their own flaws. It is hard to get along with such folks because even if they know in their heart of hearts that they aren’t perfect, they won’t admit it. They continue to hold out the facade, the image of perfection, of being the standard. Paul did not pretend to be that kind of person and neither should we. We are imperfect beings following a perfect Savior!


Lord, release me from being perfect while still growing like you.