Our Callings Can Change

Marc Baer

READ : Hebrews 11:1-4

And through his faith, though he died, he still speaks. (v. 4)

Oswald Chambers served as principal and lecturer at the Bible college; Biddy served as “Lady Superintendent,” taught, extended hospitality, and transcribed almost every lecture her husband gave. When Oswald left for Egypt in 1915, Biddy and their young daughter soon followed. While in Egypt Biddy gave lectures and sermons and practiced hospitality. She also shaped the text of a book her husband published in 1917. Their joint work in Egypt was another chapter in their ministry together.

After Oswald’s premature death Biddy began transforming her husband’s words into pamphlets and then, following her return to Britain with her daughter, into books. From her record of Oswald’s words Biddy composed My Utmost for His Highest, published in 1927. During his lifetime Chambers published three books. By the time Biddy died in 1966 more than 50 titles bore his name. Without Biddy taking down all those notes and then editing them over four decades of work, the world would never have known what Oswald said. Oswald Chambers taught a handful of students at the Scottish college, just over a 100 more in London, and tens of thousands of soldiers in Egypt. But thanks to Biddy, millions more know the mind of Oswald Chambers than ever did when he was alive. I am one of those who once again tomorrow will begin their day reading My Utmost for His Highest because Biddy Chambers was faithful to her unexpected calling.


Lord, prepare me for what you are preparing for me.