The Spoken Words of the World, Part 2

Randy Smit

READ : Genesis 1:4-10

And God said . . . And it was so. (v. 9)

It is the nature of God’s words to come to life. The world is, in fact, a spoken word of God. Apart from God’s speaking voice, which continually creates and sustains everything that is, nothing could or would exist. What God says and does are inseparable. God’s wishes are fulfilled in everything that wiggles and squirms with life.

The mystery deepens when God invites you and me to participate in shaping the creation through what we do and say. This will be his pattern throughout the entire story of Scripture. Because God desires to share the work of creation with us, one might say many of life’s possibilities lie right on the tips of our tongues.

Perhaps today we could notice the potential beauty and impact of our words. Can we imagine God speaking words of life all around us? “Let there be sun and sky and grass and trees and rivers. . . . Let there be cardinals and palominos and crawfish and salmon. . . . Let there be children, male and female, of every color, shape, and size, made in my image. . . . Let them join in the joy of world-making. . . . Let there be love and justice and beauty and peace. . . . Let a good creation be brought to light—because I say so.”

Perhaps if we also spoke more words of love, justice, beauty, and peace, more of these things would be so. And it would be good.


Lord, let it be so, let it be so. Amen.