Our Satisfied Creator

Randy Smit

READ : Genesis 1:11-25

And God saw that it was good. (v. 18)

What sweet satisfaction our Creator has in his work! It reminds me of stories my father tells of working masonry with his Uncle Frank. Examples of Uncle Frank’s handiwork were scattered throughout my childhood home and town. He crafted a stone fireplace in our family room and put together a beautiful frame for the sign that still sits on the church lawn where I grew up. “Your Uncle Frank built that,” my dad would say.

Most memorable was one of Uncle Frank’s favorite phrases. While working on a project and making necessary adjustments, he would occasionally turn to my dad and ask, “How do you like it now?” It developed into something of a family joke, but I can still imagine him standing back to assess his best creative efforts and asking my dad, the apprentice, for his approval.

Just like he did today, God put together the first day ever. What a beautiful thing to consider. With just these few words the boundaries of day and night are carefully delineated, the rhythm of the entire creation established. The cool and restful darkness of night will give birth to the dawn each and every day because God says so. What’s more, God beholds the astounding accomplishment again and again. God stands back to look and assess. Every time God’s declaration is the same: It is good.

What about this day? How do you like it now?


Lord, may we savor the goodness of every day that dawns as a handcrafted gift from you.