Could We Be Lost?

Joseph Holbrook, Jr.

READ : Isaiah 65:8–16

I will bring forth offspring from Jacob, and from Judah possessors of my mountains; my chosen shall possess it. (v. 9)

When we read the Bible we have a way of identifying with the good people. The objects of God’s wrath are always the other folks. Wouldn’t it be a sobering experience for us to ask ourselves, “Is the Lord speaking to us in these words of warning, or is he always speaking to somebody else?”

Isaiah has set forth the familiar concept of “the remnant”—the faithful, fruitful, believing, hoping, praying, working Israel who will inherit the land and who will be the nucleus of the new, believing fellowship. But he foretells the rejection of the mass of the people in language that is frightening. And what makes it all the more frightening is that those who were the unfaithful ones did not know it. Even those who crucified our Lord thought they were doing God’s will.

How about us? Will we dare to stand before God and offer him nothing but leaves? No fruit—just a lot of little arguments we thought we had won and some talkathons we had shared in. Israel was called to be the channel of God’s “saving health” to all the nations. Our calling is to proclaim Christ to the nations, by our words and deeds. Let us be about our business lest we find ourselves identified with those who “cry and howl.” (originally published June 26, 1967)


Lord, I pray for the leaders of churches, that they may give biblically inspired leadership. Amen.