It’s Not So Simple

Raymond Rewerts

READ : Habakkuk 1:5–17

Look among the nations, and see; wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work . . . that you would not believe if told. (v. 5)

Recently a man confessed, “I really don’t know what to make of my religion. It seems to me that it has been just a lot of superstition.” He went on to explain, “I think I saw it as a way of doing the right thing so that nothing bad would ever happen to me. Now as I look at it, that can almost be superstition. Really, it isn’t that simple.”

Habakkuk had a similar struggle. His comfortable existence was really shaken up when God told him that he was going to use the Chaldeans, who were a proud, haughty, and pagan nation, to accomplish his purpose. That created all kinds of questions. At this point it would seem that God is doing very little about evil, and what he is doing is wrong. It’s the kind of a question about his providence that is raised when we see a ruthless government continually gain ground. This is a type of argument that says, “We are more righteous than they, therefore God must be on our side, not theirs.”

Habakkuk does one thing right in this struggle. He takes the whole argument and drops it into lap of the God that he knows from revelation. He reiterates his character. He works through this problem with God himself. That’s faith. (originally published December 12, 1978)


Lord, help me not to be so simplistic in my understanding that I fail to struggle with your answers. Amen.