The Dream and the Reality

Raymond Rewerts

READ : Numbers 14:1–10

And they said to one another, “Let us choose a leader and go back to Egypt.” (v. 4)

Sometimes experiences don’t live up to their advanced billing, and the resulting frustration can lead to depression or despair. Two people may think it’s a good idea to get married, but the harsh reality doesn’t live up to the expectations. Maybe you’ve planned to go to an exciting vacation spot only to find it far less than you anticipated. Sometimes we fall in love with the idea, but the idea is not the same as the reality. A man once told me that his boat brought him two moments of happiness—when he bought it and when he sold it.

The children of Israel thought it was a good idea to follow God’s leading into the Promised Land. But when they arrived and discovered they had to fight for it, they were ready to elect a new team captain and return to Egypt. The idea sounded great, but the courage to follow through was another matter.

How many of us drop out of life, intellectually, morally, spiritually, because it’s rougher than we thought? It might be healthy to ask ourselves: Am I following through with the commitment that I made with all my enthusiasm on the day when I made my personal profession of faith in Jesus Christ? What changed my course? What are ways in which I can regain enthusiasm for the things that are spiritual? (originally published December 17, 1978)


Lord, help me never to doubt that you are adequate in your ability to supply all my needs. Amen.