Man Your Battle Stations

Harry Buis

READ : Joshua 5:1–15

And there was no longer manna for the people of Israel, but they ate of the fruit of the land of Canaan that year. (v. 12

The best seller Future Shock points out that the changes taking place today are but forerunners of an accelerating pace of change in the years ahead. The author’s thesis is that these changes will become so rapid that people will find it increasingly difficult to adjust to life.

In Joshua 5, the Israelites faced drastic changes. They would soon enter the Promised Land where life would be entirely different from what it had been when they wandered in the wilderness. They were to be ready for these changes, first of all, by dealing with their covenant responsibilities, which they had neglected. Secondly, they must be ready to adjust to the fact that the manna would cease and that their food must be found elsewhere.

We are living in a world that will continue to change. In such a world we must be prepared to maintain our faith. Also, in such a world we must be prepared to share the gospel both with people who gladly accept this new world and with people swept off their feet by these drastic changes. We must hold fast to the gospel, but we must be flexible enough to make the gospel meaningful in this kind of world. How crucial that we be in constant contact with Christ. (originally published May 14, 1972)


Lord, help us to hold fast to our message but to change out methods so that we might “by all means save some.” Amen.