Potter and Clay

Glenn Bruggers

READ : Jeremiah 18:1–23

Behold, like the clay in the potter’s hand, so are you in my hand, O house of Israel. (v. 6)

From this very well-known passage of Scripture, many parallels can be drawn and applied to daily life. Today let us think about two of these possibilities. First, we are clay in God’s hands. Through the experiences of life, God is molding and making us into vessels fit for service. The clay cannot make itself into a vessel. It takes the trained hand of the potter. Likewise, a person cannot mold himself into a vessel fit for God’s use. A man can ignore God and through God-given talents rise to considerable heights in the world, but he is never a complete vessel of service until he has submitted to God. Then he uses his talents to the glory of God.

A second thought, while not directly drawn from this parable, is a reminder that all lives are affected by the many things that happen every day. We are part of the molding process in the lives of other people with whom we have daily contacts. Not only are we molded by God, but we are used by God in the process of molding others.

Let us permit this parable to ask us two questions today. Are we willingly submitting to God’s sovereignty in our lives? Are we being faithful in living our lives according to Christ’s teachings so that we can be tools in his hand to help mold other lives? —Glenn Bruggers (originally published April 13, 1964)


Lord, give me a willingness to be molded into a vessel of service according to your will.