Knowing Is Not Enough

Pierce Maassen

READ : Luke 4:33–44

“You are the Son of God!” (v. 41)

The faith that saves is much more than simply the recognition that Jesus is God. Even the demons know that! In verse 34 they confess, “I know who you are—the Holy One of God,” and in verse 41 they cry, “You are the Son of God!”

Christian profession of faith must include more than assent to a doctrinal statement or Bible text. Biblical knowledge is meaningless unless it is accompanied by an absolute surrender to the claims of the Lord Jesus Christ. Peter’s confession, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God,” must be coupled with Paul’s surrender, “What shall I do, Lord?” (Acts 22:10). Every Christian ought to have a thirst for greater knowledge. Religious experience without knowledge is empty and meaningless emotionalism. But just as dangerous is a religion that is all head and no heart.

What we do with the knowledge we have is more important than the knowledge itself. Because you know Christ is God, do you show him due honor and respect? Does your knowledge that Christ died for you increase your love for him? Having learned that God demands holiness and purity in our lives, are you making an honest effort to shun even the appearance of evil? Head knowledge cannot transform, but heart knowledge makes us a new creature in Christ. Does your life give evidence that you have been born again? (originally published May 5, 1967)


God, I pray for all who teach, and for their students. Amen.