The Five Thousand Fed

Pierce Maassen

READ : Luke 9:10–17

Then he broke the loaves and gave them to the disciples to set before the crowd. (v. 16)

The five thousand, miraculously fed by our Lord, had been tired and hungry; they had not intended to wander so far away from home and had brought no provisions. This is a picture of the world today. Wandering about in a world of sin, people need the life-giving nourishment that only Christ can supply.

Notice how helpless the disciples were when faced with the situation. People today do not have satisfactory answers to the problems of the world. Assemblies and councils may be able to make some contribution, but the final solution cannot come from them.

Only Christ could feed the five thousand. Christ has the answer for the needs of men today as well. His promise is not only for life everlasting but also for life abundant. He can take away the frustrations, fears, and anguish and replace them with a peace that the world knows nothing about.

Christ fed the five thousand, but he worked through his disciples. He asked them to seat the people systematically and distribute the bread and fish. So he uses us today. It is his message, and he alone can open hearts to an understanding of it, but he demands of us that we offer it to all. Have you accepted for yourself the life-giving bread Christ offers? Are you doing your part in offering it to others who desperately need it? (originally published May 20, 1967)


Thank you, God, for the Bible. Please give me a clearer understanding of it. Amen.