Holy Places of God

Peggy Byland

READ : Exodus 33–34:9

And the Lord said to Moses, “This very thing that you have spoken I will do, for you have found favor in my sight, and I know you by name.” (v. 17)

Such was God’s wrath that he threatened to send an angel to lead the Israelites to Canaan lest he, God, come in contact with their sinfulness and destroy them. The people mourned their great sins. When they felt a need to speak with God, they sought God in the tent of meeting far outside the camp. When Moses entered the tent, the people would watch as the pillar of cloud, the shekinah glory of God’s presence, descended.

In the tent Moses pleaded with God to go with the people. God had made this people distinct. Without God it would be better that the people die in the wilderness. “If I have found favor in your sight, please show me now your ways, that I may know you” (Exod. 33:13).

Christians often have special places where they meet God—comfortable chairs, altars, closets, or outdoor solitary places. In these holy places we speak with God. Sometimes, like Moses in the cleft of the rock, we see God’s glory there.

In Hebrews we read that Christ entered the holy of holies for us and appears in the presence of God on our behalf (Heb. 9:24). On Christ, the solid rock, we stand. Because of “his oath, his covenant, his blood,” we stand faultless before the throne of God. In Christ, we find favor in God’s sight; God knows us by name.


Jesus, intercede for us today. Amen.