Running on Fumes

Jonathan Brownson

READ : 1 Kings 17:8–16

The jar of flour was not spent, neither did the jug of oil become empty. (v. 16)

After my host John returns from his hospital visits, he takes us to Daeshin General Assembly Seminary. The night before, at Chongshin Seminary, over 2,000 mostly young men sang hymns with fervent hearts. At Daeshin older, second-career students sing choruses with a praise band.

John brings the same message to both groups. In Chongshin, three large screens amplified his image as he stood elevated and set apart from the rest. Here, just one screen behind him projects what seems to me to be a wearying countenance.

John serves us as chauffeur, speaker, administrator, and overall host. He drives late into the night. He prays early in the day. As I listen to him speaking, I am again overwhelmed at the kindness he has shown me. I will never be able to pay him back. Instead, I hope to “pay it forward” by encouraging others to come to Korea too.

The president of the seminary sits with us and then offers to take us out for dinner. Again we are feasted like royalty. Then we drive home by another miracle. Our Hyundai Sonata runs for at least one-half hour past empty as we search for an LPG natural gas station. It is miracle of multiplication. Even cars can do more in Korea!

When there is no more gas in our tanks, may God keep us “running on fumes.”


Give me oil in my lamp, I pray.