See the Giver

Bob James

READ : Ecclesiastes 2:12–17

The wise person has his eyes in his head, but the fool walks in darkness. And yet I perceived that the same event happens to all of them. (v. 14)

One thing is real about every single person who has ever lived on earth. Everyone dies. The Wisdom Writer looked at death’s reality for both the wise and the foolish, and he wondered, “Why bother?”

We hear those words expressed from people struggling to live in wisdom when it seems that regardless of their right choices and good efforts, hard things still happen to them. Or perhaps chronic disease turns their hearts to wonder if it really matters. “One day I’ll be gone. What difference does it make?”

The truth is, it doesn’t make any difference, if you only look at yourself. Solomon knew that his great wisdom and wealth were extraordinary gifts from God. He knew no one would again have such a dual blessing. He was right. No one has.

Solomon saw the future with self-centered eyes. He looked at what he had done and knew it would disappear when he died. God, though, desired that Solomon would look to the future with “eyes in his head.” Doing so, Solomon would see that his work on earth was to glorify God through the majestic temple he built and the wise proverbs he wrote, which helped generations to worship and walk with the Lord. Teaching others to desire God is the only kind of wealth and wisdom that makes a difference.


Holy Spirit, give us eyes to see the everlasting God. Amen.