Work Well

Bob James

READ : Ecclesiastes 2:18–23

For all his days are full of sorrow, and his work is a vexation. (v. 23)

Work is a good thing. Our attitude, though, is to think it’s not. “Yay! It’s Friday!” “I can’t wait to retire.” But if we were to ask Solomon, “Why does work displease you?” he would respond, “I must leave it to the man who will come after me” (v. 18).

As we look, though, through the lens of God’s eyes, we see that much of our labor is future-oriented. God’s kingdom work, in fact, is to help prepare people for their eternal future.

The Bible describes how God dramatically worked from the great flood, to the exodus, to the Promised Land, to the exile, to the Savior, and to the church. He has worked year after year, millennium after millennium for the great and final day when all is accomplished to welcome his chosen people into his eternal home.

Likewise, we are to be his workers in his salvation plan in all we do. Our daily work is to care for the next generation, both physically and spiritually. A godly homeowner, for example, works to build a house where his family can safely live. He provides a place where children can grow and God’s Word can be taught.

Show God’s love in how you work. Diligently demonstrate God’s eternal care for his own as you work well to prepare others for their future with him.


Lord, thank you for past workers who have taught your words to the world. Amen.