God Will Bring Us Home Again

Karen Bables

READ : Isaiah 54:1-10

The Promise: “My steadfast love shall not depart from you, and my covenant of peace shall not be removed,” says the Lord. (v. 10)

One of my life “themes” is a fear of abandonment. My father left for World War II and never returned. In her grief and pain, my mother in turn left me emotionally—and never really returned. Fear and hopelessness followed me well past midlife. Perhaps you also understand the pain of desertion or rejection. Imagine, then, the emotions of the Israelites when Isaiah confirms that God indeed has abandoned them in exile. Not only that, but God has deliberately hidden his face from them.

But the beauty of this passage is that it also shares the good news that Israel (and all of us) longed to hear: “My steadfast love shall not depart from you.” Just as God promised Noah that the chaos of the flood would never happen again, so God promised his people that they could be confident even in the chaos of exile. God will bring them home again.

This message is meant for each of us. As the chaos of our world swirls around us, we can trust that God will keep his promise: God will love us with a steadfast, unwavering love. That promise can be trusted, no matter what our life experience has been, because God is trustworthy, generous, and our very model for how to love. We will never be abandoned; God will bring us home again.


Thank you for your compassion and your promise of everlasting love.