Just Trust

Karen Bables

READ : Luke 12:1-34

The Promise: Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. (v. 32)

After responding to a man’s greed with a parable about the futility of building bigger barns in the face of impending death, Jesus turned to his disciples and said, “Therefore.” And then he spoke to them about their own anxieties about having enough.

Verse 32 summarizes the whole conversation. Jesus begins with a term of endearment, “little flock,” which reminds them that he is their Shepherd. A shepherd’s only role is to protect and provide for his sheep. Sheep learn that if they follow the shepherd, they will be fed and safe. So as Jesus’ flock, the disciples can trust what he tells them. So can we!

Even though they have left their livelihoods to follow him down dusty roads, relying on the kindness of others, they need not be anxious or worried about their next meal or where they will stay that night. Jesus says, God will not only take care of those needs, God will give them his kingdom! Or to put it another way, as they strive to walk in the kingdom (the place where God’s will is done), all their needs will be met (v. 31).

Now that is a promise! But do we believe it? Or are we living as if these words were meant only for that time and those disciples. Trusting our lives to this promise is transformational—for us and for those who observe how we live.


Father, help me trust your promise to provide for and protect me as I live in your kingdom.