Seeing Us Coming

Steven Laman

READ : Philippians 2:1-11

Have the same mindset as Christ Jesus. (v. 5 NIV)

I am asked to wear an ID badge when I volunteer at the local elementary school. The badge, which I wear around my neck, has my name and photo and identifies me as part of the staff. As I roll down the halls in my wheelchair, anybody can quickly identify me as someone who is safe to be on school grounds.

When Jesus walked the earth, people quickly saw him coming and flocked to him. On numerous occasions the Gospel writers wrote that great crowds followed him. I believe they did not only come for healing, to be fed, or to listen to his teachings. They might also have come just to be close to the Savior. In his presence they knew their needs would be met. No one before or since cared for and loved people the way he did. Paul wrote that our attitude and mindset toward people should be the same as Jesus’. He was the embodiment of service, humility, and love.

There are hundreds of jobs where an ID badge is required. As followers of Christ, our words and actions should be all the identification we need. They should be like an ID badge hanging around our necks. When people see us coming can they quickly identify us as a follower of Christ by the way we treat them?


Lord, may our words and actions identify us as your followers.