Come and See

Grace Claus

READ : John 1:29-51

He said to them, “Come and see.” (v. 39 NRSV)

“Come on over!” My husband and I love to host; we take delight in opening our home to friends, both familiar and new. It brings us joy to share meals and conversations and jokes within those walls. While it’s fun to spend time with people out and about, there’s something significant about inviting them into our home.

Part of the reason we practice hospitality is because God does: he’s the first host. In the first chapter of John, Jesus is already inviting people, saying, “Come and see.” Ever since Adam and Eve were exiled from the Garden of Eden, we humans have been trying to find our way home. I know I long for a place where I am completely at ease, where I can let down my guard, where I am known, where the house fits me as it should.

Jesus knows this. He knows our longing to be home. And he knows that he is our home. When we are lost, when we’re weary and it’s late and dark and we just want to get home, it’s as if Jesus comes to us and says, “Come and see. Come to my house, where the door is always open, the beds are always comfortable, the food is always satisfying, and, most importantly, we will be there together.” This is Christ’s promise: to prepare a place for us and then to bring us to it. Finally, after all our wandering, we’ll be home.


Jesus Christ, thank you for opening your home to us. Thank you for opening yourself to us.