Lost at Home

Chic Broersma

READ : Luke 15:11-32

You are always with me, and all that is mine is yours. (v. 31)

The parable is really the story of two lost sons, isn’t it. One lived a wasteful lifestyle in the far country, the other stayed at home living a life of angry self-righteousness along the lines of “All these years I’ve been slaving for you!” Spiritually speaking does either describe you?

The prodigal spent all his inheritance in “reckless living.” He came home with empty pockets. The angry older brother charged that he spent it on prostitutes. How would he know? He had just come in from the fields. By making the charge of prostitution he quickly painted his brother in the worst possible light.

There’s more than one way to leave home. There’s more than one way to be lost. You can be lost away from a father’s house or you can be lost inside a father’s house. Spiritually speaking each of us needs to ask, “Am I lost at home? Do I take God’s generosity for granted?”

The story of the lost son reminds us of the goodness of God to those of us who identify with the older, “stay-at-home” brother. We are always in need of being reminded of the saving grace of God. We can’t, like the elder brother, feel God owes us something and at the same time experience the wonder of being forgiven. That would be like holding God to an IOU and expecting to receive love letters from him at the same time.


Heavenly Father, thanks for loving me not by what I deserve, but by your forgiving, generous heart.