The Body Is Weak

Stan Mast

READ : Mark 14:32-42

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. (v. 38 NIV)

Some doubt rises in our minds because of our human nature. I mean that in two senses—because we are sinners and because we are finite. Yesterday’s reading from Genesis 3 reminds us that the devil’s temptation was followed by the movement of human will away from God. Some doubt comes from a willful refusal to live under God in obedience.

But other doubt comes from the fact that we are simply human. These three disciples who fell asleep meant well. They were not being sinful when they nodded off. They were being human; they were weary, worn, and sad. Some of our doubts arise simply because our minds are tired. The events of our lives and the tide of history have worn us down. We are filled with anxiety and depression. As our minds whirl, it is hard to keep them fixed on Jesus. So we doubt.

That reminds me of the final cure for doubt. I’ll say more about this in the coming days, but for now I want to direct your attention back to our story in Luke 24. Listen to the main thing Jesus says to his doubting disciples. “It is I myself!” (v. 39). Then Jesus “opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures” (v. 45).

That is the remedy for doubt. Focus on Jesus as the center and the certainty of faith. And study the Scripture, for it is the only sure way to know him.


“Open my eyes, Lord, I want to see Jesus.” Amen.