Jon Brown

READ : Acts 2:1-4

And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues. (v. 4)

One of the joys of my work in pastoral ministry is the opportunity to ordain and install men and women to the offices of elder and deacon in the church. They are gifted people who fulfill unique responsibilities. Nearly every time we ordain and install people on a Sunday morning we remind the church of the calling God has placed on each believer’s life with these words: “By the Holy Spirit all who believe and are baptized receive a ministry to witness to Jesus as Savior and Lord, and to love and serve those with whom they live and work” (Worship the Lord: The Liturgy of the Reformed Church in America, I love those words and that moment.

When the Spirit descended at Pentecost “they were all filled with the Holy Spirit”: not some of them, not just the apostles, all of them. The gifts given by the Spirit to those who believe are not relegated to a private few but poured out on all. So each of us individually and all of us together “witness to Jesus as Savior and Lord” in the center city, at home, on the country road, or wherever you may be.


Holy Spirit, we offer the gifts you have given to each of us for whatever purpose they will serve in the work of the kingdom. Amen.