Jon Brown

READ : Acts 2:42

They devoted themselves . . . (v. 42)

The Spirit’s descending at Pentecost with Peter’s preaching opened the way for nearly three thousand people to enter into the healing waters of baptism and the wide open country of faith. As the thrill of that Pentecost day was giving way to the routines of the next days and weeks, the Spirit of God knew what the apostles and those early converts needed. They needed devotion. Most of life is lived between the big events. Most of life happens reflecting on or looking towards the more significant moments. “When are you due?” “When do you graduate?” “When did you retire?” “How long have you been married?” Though the big events of life are the ones we talk to each other about, most of life is lived between them. That’s why, if you worship in a liturgical church, you will notice the longest season of the Christian year is called “Ordinary Time.” That is where most of life happens.

Ordinary Time requires devotion. “They devoted themselves . . .” By definition the word “devotion” implies a commitment to something that does not come naturally to you. If it were natural to you, you would not have to devote yourself to it! Do not be surprised if you find obstacles to reading your Bible or saying your prayers or worshipping with the church. Instead, devote yourself to them.


Dear Lord, give us the strength to be devoted. Amen.