The Institution of Marriage in Trouble

Rich Rockwood

READ : Genesis 3:1-24

Your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you. (v. 16)

The biblical narrative recounts that the ideal for marriage was quickly set aside. Evil somehow found its way into the garden. God had placed a moral boundary around the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The serpent suggested to the woman that eating from it would make her as wise as God. She did, and urged her husband to do the same. Together they transgressed, and relationships between the sexes have been in trouble ever since.

The current debate over traditional marriage tends to disregard God’s Word. The ease of divorce, the practice of cohabitation without a marriage covenant, and tinkering with its definition turn marriage into a human experiment rather than a God-ordained institution. Yet despite their disobedience, God provided a covering for Adam and Eve. God continues to provide this common grace to all to this day.

We learn from this that when men and women turn away from God they also turn from one another. Suspicious thoughts creep into the relationship. Temptations drive couples apart. Adam and Eve crossed the line and humanity has suffered ever since. Yet God still provided grace, the first evidence of it in the Bible. Is the church doing its best to demonstrate that grace to families today?


Lord, please bless all husbands and wives every day, giving them strength for the challenges they face.