Fellow Workers

Rich Rockwood

READ : Exodus 20:1-17

And God spoke all these words, saying, “I am the Lord your God.” (v. 1)

We tend to treat co-workers differently than we do family or church members. However, there is a more pleasant way to relate to them.

Theologian John Calvin reminded every Christian that “the servant of God will derive this further advantage from the Law: by frequently meditating upon it, he will be excited to obedience, and confirmed in it” (2.7.12). If we ask the Lord to help, then thoughtfully ponder and apply the power of the Ten Commandments, our whole being will be transformed.

Let’s see how this might look as we begin a new work week. First, we acknowledge God is Lord of everything, even our job and our employer. As we go through each day, we are careful not to misuse God’s name, walk away when gossip begins, resist stealing any company materials, avoid all opportunities for extramarital relations, block all thoughts of envy from entering our hearts. If someone does or says something hurtful, we ask God for help because we know too well that unchecked anger can lead to acts of violence. We make sure at the end of each week there is a day in which we rest from our work and rest in God. We also aim to spend time honoring our parents and those in authority. We protect this day so we can face the new week refreshed and spiritually renewed.


Lord, remind me that your commandments are an attitude helper for each and every workday.