Rejoice in the Unseen

Stephen Shaffer

READ : Habakkuk 3:10-19

. . . yet I will rejoice in the Lord. (v. 18)

A few years back, it seemed like everywhere I went, I saw a bumper sticker, T-shirt, or key chain that proclaimed “Life is good.” The simple statement, with its smiling stick figure, captured the sense of joy in the goodness of life. But I never saw a bumper sticker that said, “Life is not good.” What about when it is not? Rejoicing in God’s blessings when surrounded by them is easy, but how can we rejoice when they seem to be absent?

Habakkuk chose to rejoice regardless of the circumstances. He prayed for God’s mercy and blessing upon his people. However, he recognized that God’s answer may look different than he would expect. The trees might not bear fruit. The crops might fail. The livestock might die. Yet, Habakkuk will rejoice in the Lord. Even if all the visible signs of God’s blessing are gone, God was still the God of his salvation (v. 18). God’s character and promises were more certain than the circumstances of his life. Life was not always good for Habakkuk or his people even after this prophecy. Yet Habakkuk continued to take joy in the God of his salvation.

Habakkuk can be our guide. When life is hard and God’s blessings seem distant, we can choose by faith to rejoice in the Lord. You might lose your job. The economy might fail. The stock market might crash. But his promise and salvation are more certain than the circumstances we find ourselves in.


Lord, help me to praise you whatever the circumstances.