Not Just a Pile of Rocks

Dan DeGraff

READ : Joshua 4:1-24

So these stones shall be to the people of Israel a memorial forever. (v. 7)

The Washington Monument. The Lincoln Memorial. The Vietnam Memorial. Mount Rushmore. Many of us can probably picture these structures or others like them, regardless of whether or not we have visited them. Each could be considered as just stones that have been built into a structure or sculpted into faces. But they mean much more than that. These memorials tell of important people in the history of the United States of America, and they seek to remind future generations of events and ideas that have contributed to this nation’s identity.

Compared to these grand memorials, Joshua was commanded to construct something rather simple. Twelve stones, one for each tribe, were set up on the western shore of the Jordan River where Israel camped during their conquest of Canaan. In something so simple, the Israelites were given a visible way to tell their children and future generations what God had done.

Are we still making memorials to tell our children and others what God has done? Maybe it is not with piles of stones, but do we show others God’s works? Are there stories that need to be shared in our homes, our churches, or our communities so that God’s acts will be remembered in the future? May we delight in telling the story of God’s continuing work!


Lord, help us to see, show, and tell others what you have done, for Jesus’ sake.