Time to Remember

Bruce Fiol

READ : Deuteronomy 1:5-8

You have stayed long enough at this mountain. Turn and take your journey . . . (v. 7)

It had been tough, the journey long. Forty years! Much had transpired trudging mile after trackless mile through unforgiving desert sands. Searing summer heat. Frigid nights. Gnawing hunger. Burning thirst. Crippling discouragement. Dark doubts. “Why did we leave? Where are we going? What’s the use? Who has the answers? How can we face another day?”

But Israel’s journey hadn’t been all hardship. There had been miracles, many of them: fresh water gushing from a barren rock to quench unrelenting thirst; daily morsels of celestial nourishment to satisfy brutal hunger. In the intense darkness of a desert night, a cloud glowed with bright light, and in the day, the travelers were shielded under a canopy of cloud. No diseases, no worn-out clothes, supernatural healing from the deadly fangs of venomous serpents, and deliverance from molesting enemies.

But now the end was close. There was the Jordan River just ahead. And beyond: the land of plenty, promised to Abraham nearly 500 years earlier. And Moses, the incomparable leader and spiritual giant, gathered his loved ones and preached three sermons—messages punctuated with the word “remember,” because history is an effective teacher.

We learn much for our journey by listening to Moses, for we travel, as did he, with the same divine Shepherd, Guide, Protector, and Savior. Let’s learn from him.


Dear Father, grant us humble hearts and teachable spirits.