Remember, Blessing Carries Obligations

Bruce Fiol

READ : Deuteronomy 15:4-8, 10-11

Open your hand to [the poor] . . . For this the Lord . . . will bless you. (vv. 8, 10)

Obedience guarantees divine blessing (vv. 5-6). But divine blessing obligates the redeemed believer to remember the poor (vv. 7-8, 10-11). The Lord through Moses said to his people, “You have received much. Share generously. You have been redeemed, delivered from bondage, set free. Remember those who are still impoverished and imprisoned.

“Remember your journey from slavery to salvation [v. 15]. God has not failed to keep his promises to bless you. But with those blessings, God gives you the privilege of pleasing the heart of your divine and generous Benefactor by emulating him in touching the lives of the less fortunate.”

We will never lack opportunity to be blessed by being a blessing because “there will never cease to be poor in the land” (v. 11). Jesus said the same (Matt. 26:11). God opened his hand wide to his people when they were without hope or resources. Why should we not likewise open wide our hands to those who are needy and poor where we live? God told his people to treat the unfortunate as they had been blessed by him (Deut. 15:14). Give freely, not grudgingly. Give liberally without a tinge of resentment. And for this the Lord will favor you (v. 10).


Lord, you have blessed us so abundantly. We ask that you will frequently open our eyes to see the needy. Remind us often of your instruction to share our blessings with them. Amen.