Remember: No Compromise with Evil

Bruce Fiol

READ : Deuteronomy 25:17-19
Exodus 17:8-16

Remember what Amalek did to you on the way . . . You shall not forget (Deut. 25:17, 19)

God’s people had recently been delivered from Egypt. The Red Sea had miraculously parted. They had crossed to the other side, but when the Egyptian army followed in pursuit, they were drowned. Now they were only months into their wilderness journey towards the Promised Land. And suddenly, when least expected, the ruthless Amalekites attacked the ill-equipped and unprepared people of God. But God graciously provided the victory for Israel through the intercessory ministry of Moses (Exod. 17:11-13).

One commentator sees Amalek representing besetting sin in the life of the believer. It is a hated enemy that should never be tolerated but must be battled ruthlessly to extinction. In utter cowardliness the Amalekites attacked the weakest members of the covenant people: sick, lame, elderly, young—a picture of sin’s attack at our points and periods of vulnerability. They continued to attack Israel with increased strength and deliberate provocation just as the Evil One relentlessly exploits good things and turns them into evil temptations.

So how does this injunction apply to us? Certainly we can say this much: we dare not treat temptation gently. We must be merciless in putting it to death in the confidence that our triumphant Savior has promised us victory.


Holy Father, help us to hate sin as much as our Savior did and to remember it cost him his life to deal with it once and for all.