Looking for Answers?

Joy Zomer

READ : Daniel 2:12-30

. . . there is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries . . . (v. 28)

Challenges in life often bring with them situations that seem to have no easy solution. At times, it can feel that there just isn’t one. Have you ever been there? Daniel found himself working for King Nebuchadnezzar when the king had a dream that troubled him. Distrust reigned among the king and his advisors, so Daniel believed his life was in danger if he couldn’t discern the vision. Immediate danger avoided, Daniel turned to God in prayer.

There have been a number of times in my life when I just didn’t see a solution. Visibly, I can’t decipher or determine a way that I can solve the dilemma that seems headed my way. Sometimes the situation was created by another, as in Daniel’s story; at other times I have caused the problem. Regardless, it became something beyond what I could control or organize to a positive end. Yet in releasing control, I witnessed God’s hand at work in leading me through to a healthier place, a deeper relationship, or a life-changing choice. God reveals mysteries in our lives; an answer comes when it is necessary. Just as in our lives, God gave Daniel the answer he needed . . . just when he needed it.

Where in your life is God at work revealing his handiwork? What can you do to have faith in the plan for your life?


Dear Lord, remind me to trust and pray. Give me faith to know that you always find a way to solve life’s mysteries.