Joy Zomer

READ : Ruth 1:6-18

For where you go I will go, and where you lodge I will lodge. (v. 16)

Seven years ago, I chose to remain in the United States rather than to return to the mission field of Sicily. Making this decision was painful and sad; it did not come lightly. After my youngest daughter and I were in an accident, it became evident that life would be very different and I found myself at a fork in the road.

This situation is not much different than what Ruth herself found after the death of her husband, Naomi’s son. She had a decision to make: would she return to her land or remain with her mother-in-law? In reading the Scripture, it seems to me that Ruth exemplifies the true heart of finding peace in a difficult situation. She was convicted and chose a path. Regardless of how this decision affected her own life and future, Ruth’s gentle love is something that carried over into a firm and determined demeanor when Naomi tried to convince her otherwise. Ruth had no intention to be swayed; she was committed.

Choosing a direction when we come to a fork in the road is often challenging. Choosing to relax control while letting God lead us to the path is sometimes even more difficult. Nevertheless, our God is available and willing to walk with us, providing conviction and determination to offer direction to each of us. What fork in the road are you looking at?


Thank you, Lord, for giving me a peace that surpasses even my own understanding. Guide my path.