The True Path

Joy Zomer

READ : 2 Timothy 4:1-8

. . . they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions . . . (v. 3)

Struggling is rarely something we enjoy. Struggling with difficult emotional or physical challenges will definitely shake one’s faith. Almost always overwhelming, situations can commit us to a direction that we never wanted, but find ourselves in due to circumstances. Trying to avoid struggles may offer a path that appears more appealing and attractive. Yet we need to embrace God’s way and stay the course. Personal desires and hopes for an easier path always cloud his plan.

In Paul’s final letter to Timothy before his death, he emphasized instructions for working in the early church. Paul reminded him that people often erroneously choose an easier path, a way or motivation that can “suit their own passions.” Although the desire may be genuine, the commitment needed to traverse life’s pitfalls and mountains may prove too much.

Haven’t we each been there? Hasn’t it seemed easier at times to look away rather than walk directly into fire? Doesn’t it seem simpler to stand aside rather step forward? Nevertheless, we serve a God who is always present. Wherever we may be in our walk with God, we should be aware of the lure of false teaching; a heightened vigilance during our most challenging moments can keep us on the race that God has set for each one of us. Paul’s example reminds us that our Lord offers sound teaching, always.


You are our God, O Wise One. Lead us through the darkness and keep us in the race to the finish line.