Oh Give Me That Book!

Tim Brown

READ : 1 Peter 2:1-9

For it stands in Scripture . . . (v. 6)

Have you noticed how many appeals Peter has been making to other Scripture passages? In just a single chapter and a few verses he has already drawn deeply from Deuteronomy, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Daniel, and of course the Psalms. And this reliance on Scripture as his binding authority is also reflected in the monumental sermon he preached at Pentecost, the one in response to which 3,000 believed and were baptized. In a sermon that was little more than 500 words long as we have it in Acts 2, some 222 words are taken directly from the Scriptures. Peter quotes something from the prophecy Joel, and from two places in the Psalms. He relies on the authority of the Bible. Should we do the same?

We hear a resounding yes from the reliable pen of John Calvin as well as from the great evangelist John Wesley. In his Preface to the Sermons, Wesley waxed positively lyrical about the Bible when he said, “I want to know one thing—the way to heaven . . . God himself has condescended to teach me the way . . . He hath written it down in a book. O give me that book! At any price, give me the book of God! I have it: here is knowledge enough for me” (pp. 31-32). Peter would wholeheartedly agree with Wesley, and together they turn to us, urging us to pick up our Bibles and read!


Lord, may your Word be our rule, your Spirit our teacher, and the glory of Jesus Christ our single concern. Amen.