Give People a Voice and You May Be Amazed

Fred Wilgenburg

READ : Mark 16:1-11

Now when he rose early on the first day of the week, he appeared first to Mary Magdalene, from whom he had cast out seven demons. (v. 9)

Center of Hope hosts an annual “Celebration of Nations,” a concert and celebration focusing on Native American guests. We asked them to share about effective outreach to their people. We had expected each to talk for five minutes, but two hours later we were just finishing.

Lois would like to be a pastor to her tough neighborhood. Sue wants to feed, listen to, and love people as Jesus did. Daniel can preach; he rallies up his people for Jesus! Donna boldly shared dreams which she receives from God for her people.

Asking people to share was good. Honoring their service to God was important. Listening to them was valuable. And it takes time!

Jesus gave people a voice. He gathered a ragtag group of people, discipled them, and they began the church. Jesus befriended Mary Magdalene, and gave her an important job. Tomorrow we will read part of Mark’s story in Acts. Offered a second chance, Mark became a mouthpiece. Christian tradition tells us that Mark wrote the Gospel of Mark, including today’s reading. Who can you give a voice?


Our God, bring out our voices, and move us to encourage others’ voices, so you are praised by many! Amen.