Do You Really?

Stan Mast

READ : Matthew 7:21-27

Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man. (v. 24 NIV)

At the beginning of our reflections on “knowing Christ,” I must ask myself and you a hard question. Do you really want to know Christ, enough to do something about it?

Some time ago, I found an interesting and troubling story attributed to the Danish philosopher S°ren Kierkegaard. It’s about a make-believe land in which only ducks lived and it went something like this. On Sunday morning, all the ducks got up, brushed their feathers, and waddled off to church. After waddling down the aisle, they sat down in their pews. The duck preacher waddled in and took his place behind the pulpit. He opened the duck Bible to the place where it talked about God’s gift to ducks—wings. “With wings,” said the duck preacher, “we ducks can fly. We can mount up like eagles and soar into the heavens. We can escape the confines of pens and fences. We can know the euphoria of complete freedom. We must give thanks to God for such a great gift. And fly.” All the ducks in the congregation agreed and shouted, “Amen!” And then they all waddled home.

Do we really want to know Christ? Will we actually do something about our passion to know Christ? Or will we read these words, say “Amen,” and then just waddle off unchanged?


Lord, help me to be wise enough to put Paul’s passion into practice in my life. Amen.