Like Little Children

Stan Mast

READ : Matthew 18:1-4

Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. (v. 3 NIV)

When Jesus spoke these famous words, he did not mean that children are innocent. Only someone who has never raised a toddler believes that children are innocent. Jesus explained his meaning with the word “humble.” He didn’t mean that children are selfless. Indeed, they can be incredibly self-centered; just ask the weary mother of a screaming child. Jesus was pointing to the dependency of children. Little children depend on others for guidance and help: “Mommy, will you help me? I’m hungry. I’m hurt.” They simply assume that they will get the help they need, because they rely on Mom and Dad.

If we want to know Jesus better, we must be converted from the normal human attitude that says, “I am in charge of my life. I can take care of myself.” Unless we become like a little child and depend on Christ for everything, we will never enter the kingdom and know the King intimately. “Anyone who chooses to do God’s will” will know . . . where I’m from, who I am, and how much I love you (John 7:17 NIV).

Humbly surrendering our will to his is the hardest thing in this world. Thank God we don’t have to do it alone. The Holy Spirit, who lives within every Christian, has the power to bow our hearts and bend our wills. And when we fail, we have a Savior who loves even willful children.


Thank you, Jesus, for a love that will not let us go. Amen.