Just a Little Talk with Jesus?

Stan Mast

READ : Mark 4:1-20

When he was alone, the Twelve and the others around him asked him about the parables. (v. 10 NIV)

Sometimes we miss important lessons because they are so obvious. Like the lesson in our text for today. Jesus is talking and his disciples are listening. When he is done talking, they ask him a hard question. And he answers. Here’s the great lesson for us. In order to know Jesus better, we must have an ongoing conversation with him in which we talk and listen.

Prayer is often an occasional thing for us. We pray upon arising, or upon retiring. We do it at meals, or at a sickbed. We talk to God once in a while. We seldom think of prayer as listening to Christ all the time. We’re afraid of ignoring the inspired Word of God in favor of some imagined communication from God.

It is wise to be careful about the listening dimension of prayer. However, the first disciples both talked and listened to the Christ who was always with them. Jesus promised to be with us always, and he promised that his Spirit would lead us into all the truth (John 16:13). If we want to know Christ, we must believe his promises and both talk and listen in prayer.

Of course, we will hear him most clearly and authoritatively in the Bible, but we can’t stop with merely reading. We must engage Christ in real conversation that goes beyond “just a little talk with Jesus.”


“O let me hear you speaking in accents clear and still” (Bode). Amen.