Practicing Your Serve

Stan Mast

READ : Mark 1:14-20

“Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.” (v. 17)

Various other practices have helped Christ’s disciples grow closer to him over the centuries, but I’ll offer just one more. We see it in Mark 1 at the very beginning of Jesus ministry. When he called his first disciples, Jesus immediately told them that following him involves service: “I will make you become fishers of men.” We also heard that in Mark 3, where Jesus called his apostles to be with him “that he might send them out to preach and . . . drive out demons” (vv. 14-15 NIV).

I’m talking now about the discipline of service. For the apostles, fishing for lost sinners involved the service of preaching and exorcising demons. For us, fishing might require the service of visiting the sick, working for justice, teaching a class, sending out cards, or caring for children.

Have you had this experience? You reach out to someone in deep distress at the hospital or at a funeral home. You practice your serve, and you meet Christ. Toward the end of his life, Jesus said that would happen. “Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or sick and minister to you?” He responded, “Inasmuch as you did it to the least of these, you did it for me” (see Matt. 25:37-40).

When you practice the presence of Jesus by serving others in obedient love, you will meet Jesus everywhere you go. The question is, do you really want to meet him and know him better?


“O Master, let me walk with thee / in lowly paths of service free” (Gladden). Amen.