The Way Forward

Stan Mast

READ : Matthew 7:24-29

Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man

who built his house on the rock. (v. 24 NIV)

These words tell us that Jesus doesn’t mean to frighten us away with his hard words. Rather he wants to encourage us to keep building our lives on his words, even after failure.

Everyone is building a house—a life, a career, a family, a structure of activity and relationships that gives meaning and stability. Everyone builds on something that seems stable to them. Here Jesus invites us to believe that his words and he himself are the rock for all ages.

But we have to trust him enough to do his words. So often we don’t live them because they seem too naive for the complexities of the 21st century, too spiritual for the hard realities of the modern world, or just plain too hard. Hearing and not doing is how you build a house on sand, a poor foundation for life. Inevitably, life will crash in the coming storms.

Jesus says that the wise person not only hears Jesus’ words, but also puts them into practice—slowly but surely building a life on his words. That’s the way forward after failure. Go back to the Gate, get back on the path, and start building again, board by board, teaching by teaching, steadily building a life that will stand when the storms of life hit.


Master Builder, help me to follow the blueprint and build my house according to your specifications. Amen.