What Happened In Church

Lou Lotz

READ : Mark 1:21-28

And the unclean spirit, convulsing him and crying out with a loud voice, came out of him. (v. 26)

Ever think about why people come to church? Believe me, your pastor thinks about it all the time. Some people come to worship. Some come out of habit. Some come to keep peace in the family. Some probably don’t know why they come—they just come. There are a lot of reasons, but surely one reason is that life is confusing and chaotic, and we are all groping for something, someone with authority, to set us straight, and help us find our peace, our poise, our purpose.

Look around on Sunday at the people sitting with you in church. Can you even begin to appreciate the turmoil in their lives—the upsetting phone calls in the previous week, the hurtful words heard and spoken, the strife in relationships, concerns about health and finances, bad memories of things that happened long ago. Can other people appreciate the turmoil in your life? Life can be painful and chaotic. Like the poor, tormented soul in the synagogue, we’re all yearning for someone with authority who can calm the chaos and set us straight.

Out in the world it may appear that money reigns supreme, or political power, or cancer. But when we come to church we are reminded of the truth that sets things straight, and calms the chaos, and makes the demons quake—Jesus is Lord. Ask for his help. You will not be disappointed.


Lord, let me find in you my peace, my poise, and my purpose.