Hallowed Be Your Name

Meg Jenista

Read: Luke 19:45-48

It is written, “My house shall be a house of prayer,” but you have made it a den of robbers. (v. 46)

I have a friend who can walk into any thrift store, find something everyone else had overlooked, bring it home, spruce it up, and set it up as the loveliest decoration in the room. She sees the world differently. She finds beauty in strange places.

When Jesus walked into the temple, he saw it differently too. He saw the glory of what it should have been behind the chaos and money-changing it had become. He saw the glory of a “house of prayer” overshadowed by the gaudy showmanship of a “den of robbers.”

Jesus knew that real glory isn’t what people think. Glory is in self-giving, not in self-promoting. But his insistence on this kind of glory is what led to Jesus’ arrest. Over the temple, the storm clouds gathered—the storm clouds that would eventually darken the whole earth as glory took the shape of the cross.

When we pray “hallowed be,” it is our way of asking that our lives, words, and behavior align themselves to prove God’s holy glory. When we pray “hallowed be,” we acknowledge that we, as much as anyone, need a Savior to come inside and clear out an awful lot of sin. When we pray, “hallowed be,” we are asking that God’s holy glory spill into our lives and from our lives into the world.

—Meg Jenista

Holy God, scrub us clean and fill us with your glory. May our lives, words, and behavior today align themselves to prove your holiness. Amen.