Yours Is the Kingdom, the Power, the Glory

Meg Jenista

Read: Luke 24:1-9

They were perplexed about this. (v. 4)

I’m not the Easter Grinch but I do, sometimes, grouse about chicks and bunnies and Easter eggs. Pastels and fake grass and a mythical Easter bunny seem out of place alongside the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. But maybe I’m wrong. As New Testament scholar Tom Wright notes about Luke’s account of the first Easter, “The opening mood of Easter morning, then, is one of surprise, astonishment, fear and confusion” (Luke for Everyone, p. 291).

Maybe there is something in the surprising nature of discovering an empty tomb that deserves to be mirrored in the delighted shouts over unexpectedly colored eggs in the grass or chocolates hidden inside them. Maybe there is something in the never-before-seen thing that God has done that deserves to be mirrored in crisp new dresses and hats.

Earliest accounts of the Lord’s Prayer don’t contain the last phrase “For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever. Amen.” But it must have felt strange that the gospel should peek out of every corner of the prayer and yet should not be met with some joyful acclamation, some bubbling-over praise. It might have felt as strange as an Easter morning without alleluias. Without joyful laughter and descants and yes, even the childish delight of Easter eggs.

—Meg Jenista

Risen Christ, as you surprised those women at the tomb so long ago, surprise us again with your resurrection joy and hope.