Experiencing God in Telling Others

Meg Jenista

Read: Matthew 28:1-10

Do not be afraid . . . Come, see . . . go quickly and tell. (vv. 5-7)

Earliest commentators on this text tell us that, through the women, the whole church—the “bride of Christ”—is present at the resurrection. As the angel speaks to the women, so the entire church is addressed.

First, we are told: “Do not be afraid.” There is something legitimately frightening about the resurrection. The world is a wonky place when you can’t even trust the dead to stay dead! But, says the angel, “Do not be afraid.”

Then, “Come, see.” See it and sense it and smell it and live it and take it all in. Experience the power and mystery of the resurrection for yourself.

Finally, “Go quickly and tell.” There is something so profound and amazing in the experience of the resurrection itself that the women—and all of us—are compelled to tell about it.

It is only as they are hurrying away from the tomb, with their mission ahead of them, that Jesus appears to them. All of a sudden, the emptiness of the tomb makes sense in the fullness of the risen Christ’s presence. Only after worshipping at the feet of their risen Lord, does Jesus remind them of their mission. “Do not be afraid . . . go . . . and tell.”

—Meg Jenista

Risen Christ, thank you for the encouragement to “come and see” your empty tomb and the surprising joy of encountering you along the way. Fuel our activities today so that we might join the church’s mission. We want to experience you in telling others. Amen.