Scott Hoezee

Read: Mark 1:21-22

For he taught them as one who had authority. (v. 22)

I once read a story about Pope John XXIII meeting with a group of people one day. Included in the group were a number of mothers with young children. At one point the pope said to one of these moms, “Could you tell me the names of your children? I realize I could get that information from someone else but something very special happens when a mother speaks the names of her own children.” This charming story speaks to the difference it makes when a person talks about someone they know not just well but intimately well.

When Jesus talked about God in the synagogue in Capernaum, people were amazed because he did not talk about God the way the typical religious teachers did. What did the people sense that was so amazingly different about Jesus? Could it be that whereas other teachers talked about God from a distance, Jesus spoke of God as someone who loved the Father and the Spirit intimately and from the inside of their eternal relationship? When Jesus spoke of God, it was like a mother pronouncing her child’s name: you could sense the close connection.

As Christians, we have God’s own Holy Spirit living inside of us. By this Spirit, we too can talk about God and witness to Jesus from the context of a close relationship. When we speak, the world should notice how much love accompanies our words.

—Scott Hoezee

May we not just talk about you, O God, but speak our love for you from our hearts.