Scott Hoezee

Read: Mark 16:1-8

But go, tell his disciples and Peter that he is going before you to Galilee. There you will see him. (v. 7)

We don’t often think about biblical geography. But everything happened someplace and often the locations were significant. Or sometimes they were confusing. For instance, we know the angel told everyone to go meet Jesus in Galilee, but has that ever struck you as odd? After all, everyone was in Jerusalem at the time (the risen Jesus too). So why couldn’t they all encounter Jesus there? Galilee was 80 miles away as the crow flies and maybe 100 miles by road. Although today you could hop in a car and drive that distance in an hour or two, back then it took much, much longer. So why the journey?

Maybe because quiet, out-of-the-way Galilee fit Jesus better than glitzy, big-city Jerusalem. Maybe because even after being raised from the dead, Jesus still wanted to reach out to people in quiet, humble love. Had Jesus stayed in Jerusalem, maybe the disciples would have wanted to parade him in front of Pontius Pilate as a slam dunk way to say, “Thought you could kill Jesus, eh? Well, ta-da! Here he is again!”

But that was not Jesus’ way—not then, not now. He wants us to bear witness to him in humility, conviction, and with the power of the Holy Spirit. It is good to go see Jesus in Galilee—it’s exactly where you’d expect to find him even yet today.

—Scott Hoezee

Help us, O God, to witness to the resurrection in all of this world’s Galilees that all may truly see your Easter power.