Mother Love

Myrna Folkert

Read: Ruth 1

Your people shall be my people, and your God my God. (v. 16)

Mother’s Day can be full of joyful celebrations and church services praising women, often featuring Proverbs 31 as the gold standard. Sadly, for many women this can be the worst day of the year because for them the mother-child relationship evokes only negative memories and feelings. This may be due to abandonment or abuse or longing for a deceased mother. Some women may struggle with infertility or the loss of a child. For others their moms were emotionally or physically absent. Many women yearn for a mother figure in their lives.

Naomi had a daughter-in-law named Ruth, and even though she was a foreigner and recently widowed herself, she refused to leave her widowed mother-in-law in her sorrow. Naomi eventually became the ancestress of Jesus the Messiah because of Ruth’s dedication and faithfulness. Lonely and hurting people need that kind of love. Ruth set a good example by trusting in the God of Israel without seeing the future. God had a huge plan for their lives, which neither of them knew.

So on this Mother’s Day, and at other times, be alert for women who may need a listening ear, a note of encouragement, or just a hug. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal someone who may need a mother figure in her life or perhaps provide one for you. The Lord may be pleased to use you in giving hope to someone today or use you in a bigger way than you could ever imagine. —Myrna Folkert

Prayer: Lover of our hearts, help us to love others fully with dedication.