Don’t Be Anxious

Myrna Folkert

Read: Luke 12:22-32

Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin. (v. 27)

Do you sometimes find it difficult to stop worrying? I took a walk on one of the first days of spring. It struck me how God’s creation was beginning to develop. In springtime, those of us who live in the northern part of the United States enjoy a beautiful transition from a cold winter to warmer sunny days. A few crocus and hyacinth were bursting forth out of the ground, daring to show their colors. In Michigan, it’s possible to have another cold winter’s storm after many flowers have blossomed, but spring and summer will eventually come.

God has proven himself to be faithful even in nature itself. He dresses the flowers in their greens, yellows, and purples in due season. We need to put our full trust in him, instead of trying to plan the next season of our lives by ourselves. Sometimes I’m anxious that God won’t provide during those possible “snowstorms” of life. He knows every minute of my life, and I don’t need to fuss about the details.

We don’t have to worry. God says we are much more valuable to him than birds, flowers, or grass. Our heavenly Father will provide for us because he is good and knows each of our daily necessities. When we seek him first our worries can turn into new opportunities to trust him. —Myrna Folkert

Prayer: Creator of the heavens and the earth, I praise you for easing my anxieties. Help me to trust you every step of the way.